Grand Opening of ‘SASHI VANGAPALLI’ Exclusive Store Launching by Bollywood Actress SUSHMITA SEN


Sashi Vangapalli is a brand like no other. There can be only one lled with soft silhouettes and rich in culture and craftsmanship. There can be only one for the modern Indian bride who desires to take the road-less-travelled; a dreamer, not conned by tradition, who wants to dress for herself and tell her unique story; someone who is exuberant to wear something exquisite and hand-crafted, rich with artisanal skill and culture, yet dripping in romantic nostalgia. A Sashi Vangapalli bride is inspired by originality and not afraid to break the stereotypes.

Amaya – Atuman/Winter Collection 2017

The Amaya collection sets a whole new fashion direction in bespoke bridal themes. This collection draws inspiration from the modern Indian woman whose sartorial sensibility is rooted in her traditions, and thus she desires a mix of modern mystic matched with timeless tradition in her ensembles. She can achieve anything she sets her mind on – the possibilities are limitless. Amaya has a Japanese origin; meaning ‘night rain’. The name resonates with idea of being immeasurable and without limit. Wedding revelries take an altered approach as each look is beautifully curated, with the bridal regalia set against the colours of her closest friends, her family, her special coterie. The colour palette comprises of a wide range of pastels with very intricate embroidery. This collection is but a representation of the essence of the immeasurable and ever-widening soul of a woman. The many choices ‘She’ has today include what she wears to express herself, and no one knows that better than a bride to be.