Truckers to Observe Countrywide ‘Chakka Jam’ on Oct 9 and 10


All India Transport Congress (AITC) has announced a countrywide strike ‘Chakka Jam’ on October 9 and 10. Goods and Services Tax (GST) which was introduced as a regime- which will wipe out long queues at all state borders and also to make ‘one nation one tax’ dream a reality.

All truckers across the country have come together to protest against what they are calling a regime of red-tapism and corruption. According to AITC, only 4 states have agreed to remove Regional Transport Office (RTO) barriers after GST.

“GST has been an utter failure wherein the governments — Centre and states — are confused about the tax regime and we have been bombarded with three different tax slabs. The states which somehow claim on paper to have complied with GST and removed RTO barriers have only done that on paper. RTOs are extorting more money from us in the garb of GST,” said a member of truckers’ AITC.