IIT-Kanpur Senate suspends 22 students for ragging


On Monday IIT-Kanpur senate suspended 22 B.Tech  2nd-year students for a period ranging from one to three years for ragging their juniors. 16 students were suspended for 3 years, and remaining six students for a year.

Suspended students will be able to resume studies only after their completion of the suspension period.

The Senate took the decision in the presence of director Professor Indranil Mannaand deputy director Professor Manindra Agarwal. However, it decided against filing police complaints as that would have jeopardised the students’ future career prospects.

The punishment followed allegations by students who joined the IIT institute this July that they were forced to strip by seniors students. They filed a mass complaint in August. The probe committee had found the charges to be true, and recommended the suspension of all 22 students+. The senate, in its last meeting on September 21 and 22, had accepted the recommendations.

“These students will not be allowed to stay on campus and can resume studies when their suspension ends. The decision taken today would send a strong message to students to say no to ragging and maintain decorum” Professor Agarwal said,